The tourist opened the door of the plane during the flight: the passengers required hospitalization

Tourist opened plane door during flight: passengers required hospitalization

A video of a horrifying incident that occurred during a flight in South Korea has surfaced online. A tourist opened the plane's emergency exit door with a lever during the flight. No one was seriously injured, but several passengers were in such shock that they required hospitalization, Express writes.

An Asiana Airways flight was about to land in the South Korean city of Daegu when the emergency exit door suddenly opened. In a video posted online, passengers grab their seats as strong winds blow into the aircraft.

According to eyewitnesses, the children were shaking with fear and crying, but the people sitting in the row near the emergency exit were most shocked. Several tourists were so frightened that after landing they were sent to the hospital with difficulty breathing.

The police detained the 30-year-old traveler for questioning, but it is not yet clear why the door was left open. The Ministry of Transport of South Korea said that some passengers tried to prevent the man from opening it, but to no avail. An Asiana Airlines spokesman said: “The police are investigating the incident. A passenger sitting near the emergency exit said he just touched its lever.”

Opening an aircraft door during a flight can be extremely dangerous and even result in passengers being sucked out if they are not wearing their seat belts. Travel expert at Dealchecker, Rosie Panter, said: “Theoretically, opening the door causes decompression in the cabin, and those who are not seated are sucked out of the plane. The rest of the passengers lose consciousness due to lack of oxygen and get frostbite.”

Passengers on the Korean flight were lucky that depressurization occurred already during a landing at a low altitude, when everyone was fastened. Usually the crew will instruct those seated in the row at the emergency exit so that they can assist with the door in case of an emergency, but you should never try to pull the levers yourself in flight.

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