The tourist refused to change places with a couple on the plane and, like a fool, sat between them for the entire flight

The tourist refused to change places with a couple on the plane and sat between them like a fool for the whole flight

A funny incident happened recently with a tourist who refused to change places with a couple during a flight, which caused a lot of controversy between users on the network. The story was briefly told by a traveler who was sitting nearby.

Zach Bornstein was on the flight with his girlfriend, but they were seated in different places due to the airline's seating policy. At check-in, the man was given an aisle seat, his girlfriend was seated in the window seat, and the stranger was in the middle seat between them.

Bornstein, screenwriter and director, asked if his fellow traveler would mind moving to the window seat or at the aisle, but he refused. “Going crazy, just offered an aisle seat to a guy sitting between me and my girlfriend on a plane, and he said he would rather stay in the middle, between us,” the man said. But in the end, a strange passenger sat between them like a fool for the entire flight, while they constantly communicated through his head.

Netizens were puzzled by the stranger's actions. “His behavior is strange and openly oppositional,” “My wife and I would make the life of the “average” passenger a living hell for this flight,” they wrote.

Other commenters shared similar experiences. Here is one of them: “I sat between an elderly couple on a flight to Miami a few years ago. I suggested that they switch places, but she needed a window, and he needed a passage.

However, many users did not support the couple's actions. “It’s not that staying in the middle seat isn’t crazy, but why didn’t you book seats together,” “I hate it when couples think they can just choose who they want to move around the plane,” they were outraged.

Earlier, Turprom wrote that “An angry tourist covers her son's eyes from a “candid” sex scene during a flight.”

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