The tourist told how not to pay greedy airlines for water during the flight

Tourist told how not to pay greedy airlines for water during the flight

Original life hack how not to pay greedy airlines for water during the flight , was presented by a passenger of the low-cost airline Ryanair. The hack, originally posted on her TikTok social network, quotes the Sun publication – along with user comments.

As a tourist stated on social media: “I was thirsty, but I didn’t want to pay 3 euros for water.” In the video, she filmed herself with a glass in which there were two huge ice cubes. It was they who gave the tourist the necessary several sips of water. True, the tourist does not specify where she took the ice, but vending machines with free ice are found in European hotels and airports – perhaps this was the case in this case.

“There is no reason why water should be so expensive,” the indignant tourist added at the same time and added that on all flights, even low-cost airlines, water should be free, as many passengers can suffer from “sickness and pressure in the cabin” . Also, the indignant tourist added: “If we are not allowed to take our own water on the plane, they should take care and make water free or at least reduce its cost.”

Commentators, as always, were divided. Some of them shared their life hacks, somewhat simpler than those of the tourist. According to them, you can take your empty bottle – most often at the airport there is where to fill it, you can ask for water on board, saying that you feel unwell. Others were clearly amused by the tourist’s savings: “Don’t do nonsense, just buy water,” wrote one. Another even said: “If you can’t afford to spend 3 euros on water, maybe you shouldn’t fly?” (recall, at the current exchange rate, this is almost 270 rubles.)

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