The tourist was shocked by the impudence of the waiter: he took money for each approach to the table

The tourist was shocked by the impudence of the waiter: he took money for each approach to the table

A tourist who visited a popular bar Imperial in Zamora, Spain. The waiter took money from the tourist every time he came to his table, and even put a commission on the check for the use of cutlery. Later it turned out that all the waiters of the Spanish establishment practiced this.

Many travelers who visited the Imperial encountered such service. However, only one of them was indignant and made public what was happening. Although the amount for service and cutlery was small, the tourist decided that without prior notice of additional costs, this should not be.

After the meal was over, the tourist was charged not only an additional 20 cents (11 rubles) every time the waiter approached his table, but also an additional euro (almost 57 rubles) for the use of cutlery, The Sun reported.

The puzzled client posted this on Twitter (blocked in Russia) and his post quickly went viral as other tourists shared similar experiences. “A few days ago something strange happened to us in Benavente. Every time the waiter came to the terrace table to bring something: beer, tapa… he charged us 20 cents. The last straw was the euro he charged us for putting the toast cutlery we ordered,” he wrote.

While many Twitter users supported the man, there were those who called the extra 20 cents a “ridiculous fee” and said it was pointless to raise a fuss over such amounts.

The post reached the management of that very bar in Spain. To the criticism of the tourist, they replied that establishments usually charge an additional fee for service outside the establishment, i.e. on the terrace, adding that allegedly a fee of 20 cents is charged for each drink served.

Earlier in Greece, there was a stunning incident: tourists were charged almost 600 euros (almost 34 thousand rubles) for a small snack on the beach – details here.

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