The travel agent called the black list of hotels in Turkey and Egypt, compiled by Ukrainian travel agencies

The travel agent called the black list of hotels in Turkey and Egypt, compiled by Ukrainian travel agencies

Ukrainian travel agencies have joined the Russophobic trend and divided hotels in Turkey, Egypt and other top destinations. Some were blacklisted because they congratulated the Russian people on the Great Victory Day on May 9 and continue to welcome Russian tourists with open arms, and others – in white, where the road is open to Ukrainians, because there are no Russians there. As a Russian travel agent noted on the Yandex.Zen channel, this division can be treated differently, “but at least we have a number of hotels where Ukrainian travel agents are least likely to send their clients.”

Currently, the following are blacklisted overseas hotels:

  1. Alva Donna – Antalya, Turkey. The hotel was “guilty” of congratulating its tourists on the holiday with carnations and St. George ribbons.
  2. Rivero Residence hotel – Kemer, Turkey. Published congratulations on social networks.
  3. Sindbad hotel – Hurghada, Egypt. Banned for organizing Victory Day with the support of the Russian consulate in Hurghada.
  4. Atlantis the Palm – Dubai, UAE. Spent an evening dedicated to the Victory Day of the Red Army.
  5. Travel company Mellon travel – Thessaloniki, Greece. Employees congratulated Russian-speaking tourists on May 9, for which haters flooded the personal page of the director of the travel agency. In addition, massively leave negative reviews about the organization. Russian colleagues, having learned about this, decided to support their colleagues and leave positive comments.

In addition, the Russian tourism specialist drew attention to colleagues who involve politics in tourism and actively cheer for Russophobia. In particular, they urge not to put our compatriots on flights and to dismiss Russian-speaking employees. Notably, some of these travel agents are themselves Russians. “Unfortunately, many “good fighters” disclose their political views after receiving funds from a client. Therefore, check 10,000 times who you are transferring money to… Tourism unites, not divides,” the author concluded.

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