The Turks gave back: prices for the May holidays began to fall

The Turks backed down: prices for the May holidays began to fall

The Turizm Ajansi newspaper brought some optimism to the discussion of the rapid growth of Turkish prices and the prospects for the arrival of tourists in the local tourism media. In it, with reference to Russian retail data, statistics were published stating that prices for the May holidays began to fall, moreover, they are already lower than in April. And if the Turks “gave back” in May, perhaps the same prospects await in the summer.

The details are as follows: referring to the data of Russian agency networks, the publication assures that there are 10-day tours on the Aegean coast of Turkey for the period from April 27 to May 5, “all inclusive” for two from Moscow fell from 21 to 50% compared to similar tours that were sold from April 10 to 16.

“In a 4-star hotel in the Aegean region, the cheapest tour to Turkey for two with a departure on the evening of April 26 can be purchased for 64 thousand 762 rubles. In Antalya, the prices for tours with the same characteristics in the same period are about 100 thousand rubles,” Turkish media quotes.

The source also noted that until the end of May, all-inclusive tours to Turkey are “cheaper than to the Russian resorts of Anapa and Gelendzhik,” but more expensive than to Sochi and Abkhazia. At the same time, almost all foreign tours fall on four countries, of which Turkey is the undisputed leader – 44% of the total. Followed by the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Thailand.

Recall that earlier tourists were urged to “forget” about last-minute tours to Turkey and cheap holidays: back in the spring, Turkey clearly left the budget destinations and since then the cost of holidays has only continued to grow. The reason is inflation in Turkey and the ruble exchange rate. The price of tours for the summer period has increased by one and a half times compared to 2022. “The budget “four” is sold for 70 thousand rubles. with a flight and an all-inclusive system – it's a little expensive. And in July, when the premium segment, which is so in demand in our market, is booked much in advance, two weeks in a mega-lux hotel will cost about 900 thousand rubles,” said Maya Lomidze, executive director of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR). Last year, prices in 5 * for a week for two were 170 thousand rubles, this year – from 250 thousand rubles. up to 500 thousand rubles Read more at this link.

At the same time, Türkiye does not want to part with plans to receive 6 million Russian tourists. Recall, as Taras Kobishchanov, CEO of the Russian Express tour operator, said earlier, at such prices, Turkey may lose two million Russian tourists by the end of 2023. Last year, Türkiye received about 5.2 million Russian tourists. The Turks expect to take more, but the figure may be less. “This year they planned to accept six million. I have serious doubts that this figure will be reached. And also that Türkiye will reach the level of last year. Most likely, about four million will come to Turkey,” Mr. Kobishchanov said. The reason is prices. “Tours to Turkey before the pandemic cost about 150-200 thousand rubles, in 2022 – 300-350 thousand rubles, and this year – 400-500 thousand rubles,” the expert estimated. Read more at this link.

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