The UAE competitor is preparing to resume flights to Russia and is waiting for Russian tourists

The UAE competitor is preparing to resume flights to Russia and is waiting for Russian tourists

In the near future, Russia may restore direct air transportation to Oman, while flying on the Muscat-Moscow route will be an Omani carrier. This information was voiced in an interview with Izvestia by the Russian Ambassador to Oman, Ilya Morgunov. Moreover, the supply of tourists will be one of the main goals of this transportation, the expert also noted. According to him, Oman will be able to compete in terms of attractiveness with the same UAE, although the country is “a little more expensive.”

Negotiations on the restoration of transportation will be held in the second half of May, Mr. Morgunov emphasized. First of all, the diplomat recalled that Oman takes the most neutral position on the issue of international conflicts, and relations between the Russian Federation and Oman were not affected and were not subject to sanctions. Therefore, the country's tourism prospects are quite good.

“Oman opened for Russian tourists in the pre-Covid period, then the process was interrupted and only this year it began to gradually recover. The prospects are very good, including, as the Omanis themselves note, given the “overcrowding of Dubai with Russian tourists.” Oman can offer services of the same quality, although at first they may seem to many more expensive than in the UAE,” the ambassador said. He added that direct flights between Moscow and Muscat are planned to be resumed by the national Omani carrier in the near future. “Then the flow of tourists from Russia will increase significantly. But even for this it is necessary to take a number of measures on the part of some of our departments. We hope that the relevant negotiations will be resumed in Moscow in the second half of May this year,” the Russian Ambassador to Oman emphasized.

The Ambassador added that negotiations on connecting Omani banks to the Russian Mir payment system have not yet been directly are underway. However, “negotiations on the resumption of air traffic may be followed by other contacts regarding cooperation in related areas. It is possible that in the banking sector, as both parties need it.”

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