The US Coast Guard recovered the wreckage of Titan with the human remains of five people

US Coast Guard recovered the wreckage of Titan with the human remains of five people

The “epopee” with the search for the “Titan” bathyscaphe received its sad end: the US Coast Guard reported that it had recovered the wreckage of the submarine, among which were the “presumably human remains” of five people who were there. According to the California edition, doctors and special services will conduct an analysis of “presumed human remains, which were carefully removed from the rubble at the scene.” Experts also hope that the wreckage will “shed light” on the cause of the disaster.

“The evidence will provide investigators in various international jurisdictions with important information about the cause of this tragedy,” said Jason Neubauer, head of the Maritime Investigation Board (MBI). The remains will be analyzed, he said, which could provide “important elements for understanding the cause of this tragedy.” “A significant amount of work remains to be done to understand the factors that led to the catastrophic loss of the tourist submersible Titan and to help ensure that such a tragedy does not happen again,” the expert stressed.

Recall that British extreme billionaire Hamish Harding, also a billionaire of Pakistani-British origin Shahzada Daoud and his son Suleiman were on board the bathyscaphe, the executive director of Stockton Rush, responsible for the vessel, plunged with them; and underwater explorer, French citizen Paul-Henri Nargeole. The bathyscaphe lost contact with the surface an hour and 45 minutes after the two-hour descent to the crash site, and eight hours after the loss of communication, they announced that the ship was missing and the search began.

As a result, the wreckage of the Titan submarine ” were lifted and delivered to the port of St. John in Newfoundland, Canada, by the ship Horizon Arctic. At the moment, US authorities have assured that there was a “catastrophic death of the pressure chamber”, and underwater tourists died at the same time – most likely this happened at 1 hour 47 minutes after the start of the descent, when communication with the underwater vehicle was lost. The first assumption voiced is as follows: the ship, judging by the remains found, exploded due to pressure loss. The US Coast Guard also indicated that an explosion was recorded near the wreck of the Titanic.

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