The whole sea was dirtied: a tourist during a boat trip was shocked by a layer of garbage on the water and the attitude of guides

The whole sea was filthy: a tourist during a sea trip was shocked by the layer of garbage on the water and the attitude of the guides

A tourist from the USA went on a boat trip to Bali and was shocked by the layer of debris floating on the surface of the water and the calm attitude of the guides to this. She believes that people have literally polluted the sea, and it is disgusting to dive there, writes Fox News.

Sarah Walsh from Massachusetts came to Bali with her 21-year-old brother Shane and decided to snorkel during a boat trip, but instead of the beautiful underwater world, she saw only garbage. “This was our first stop while snorkeling. We were taken to a place where we could see manta rays. The surface of the ocean was clearly covered in debris and plastic. But the guides did not seem to see anything wrong with this and automatically began to lower people into the water,” said the tourist.
Most of the vacationers jumped off the boat to swim and snorkel, she said, but “they got back on the boat very quickly because of the disgusting water.” “I was disgusted to jump into the water. I stayed in it for maybe 30 seconds,” Walsh added.

The girl owns her own recycled plastic swimwear company based in Bali. “I chose the factory in Bali because I heard how much they pollute the ocean, but to really see it with my own eyes was terrible. I made the video in the hope that it will raise awareness and convince more people to make an effort to clean up our oceans,” Sarah explained.

The tourist noted that other popular snorkeling spots where the guides took the group were not so messy. But she stressed: “It is really terrible that we are the reason that all this garbage is in our oceans. I feel sorry for the animals in the ocean that are exposed to all our garbage.”

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