The woman was stunned when 20 tourists from around the world came to her house at the same time and demanded settlement

A woman was stunned when 20 tourists from different countries came to her house at the same time peace and demanded settlement

Fraud on brought a lot of trouble to a peaceful resident of the London district of Plumstead. Once, 37-year-old Karin Arsenius, who never thought of renting out real estate, was immediately visited by 20 tourists from different countries and demanded settlement. At the same time, there were tourists from all over the world – India, USA, Canada, Argentina.

It quickly became clear that the scammers had posted the woman's address on As the representatives of the aggregator assure, instead of the address of the apartment in Greenwich, the house of a resident was indicated, which she did not even think of renting it out. However, in the end, she still had to give shelter to tourists.

“We accommodated three students from Argentina, they simply had nowhere to go after their unexpected arrival. We tried all the local hotels, but everywhere was booked, ”the woman complained to the American media. She told the British media that “something needs to be done to stop this.”

In particular, the Briton, who suffered from unexpected visits, is considering whether to sue – and many of the unlucky tourists have expressed a desire to support her. This applies to those tourists whom Karin was forced to shelter. “It shouldn’t have come to this, should not only admit the mistake, but also take care of the tourists who, through its fault, found themselves without a roof over their heads,” said the Briton.

Representatives of Booking apologized and said they removed the ad. But this is not enough for affected tourists. Sabrina Schneider, 31, one of the misguided guests, explained it this way: “The family we went to was genuinely trying to help us, but we are still waiting for money from, since we still have a paid reservation, and it is his problem to find a new home. You are a big company. You should be able to afford to accommodate several people, especially since it's your fault,” said the indignant tourist.

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