There are no more sane prices: air tickets flew to heaven

There are no more sane prices: air tickets have flown to heaven

For the next week, tourists may not expect to get abroad at sane prices – the hype from citizens frightened by the news of “partial mobilization” has led to the fact that tickets for visa-free destinations in fact ended before the end of the week, and their prices have skyrocketed. According to RBC, we are talking about flights to Istanbul, Yerevan, Baku and other neighboring countries that do not require visas for entry.

The publication cites the following data: “According to the Aviasales service, a ticket for a direct flight from Moscow to Istanbul can now be bought no earlier than Friday, September 23, and it costs 76 thousand rubles. The flight is operated by Aeroflot. This ticket is no longer available on the airline's website, the nearest available direct flight is September 25 (58.6 thousand rubles).”

Turprom's correspondent checked: there is no longer a national carrier, the nearest tickets are available on Monday, and at a price of 74 thousand rubles. By the way, by the end of the week and by the beginning of October, the ticket price has more than halved: you can fly to Istanbul on Sunday, October 2, for “only” 32 thousand rubles.

At the moment, Aeroflot has “economy” left for Yerevan only on Sunday, the price is about 50 thousand rubles, direct Red Wings flights on Thursday from Moscow “went off scale” even higher – up to 158 thousand rubles, since only business remained -Class. By the end of the next week, the price decreases in the same way – on October 1, a ticket can be bought already at a price of about 15 thousand rubles.

Tickets to Baku, according to RBC, can also be bought from Aeroflot no earlier than September 23 and for 74.5 thousand rubles, Azerbaijan Airlines has (as of 12.00 Moscow time on September 21) tickets for September 22 for €719 and starting on the 24th for €394. The air ticket search engine from finds tickets starting from Thursday, September 21 – however, you will have to fly from Moscow on a very intricate route – you will have to fly to the Mineralnye Vody, “sit out” there all day and transfer to Azimuth flights to Baku. All this pleasure will cost at least 85 thousand rubles.

The routes are even more intricately offered to tourists who want to fly to Belgrade – the only proposed route for the next dates on the Turkish Pegasus Airlines offers two transfers in Turkey – in Izmir and Istanbul. On the way to Belgrade, you will have to spend at least 14 hours, paying about 108 thousand rubles for this “pleasure”.

Let us recall that the panic over the likely “closure of borders” also contributed to the rush demand for tickets. While Rostourism reassures citizens that this will not happen. Read more at this link.

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