There has never been such a rise in prices: it has been announced how much tours will rise in price for the coming summer

There has never been such an increase in prices: it has been announced how much the tours will rise in price for the upcoming summer

Prices for tours for the summer season have risen 1.5 times, and this applies to both Russia and foreign programs. Oleg Kozyrev, marketing director of the tour booking service, voiced this assessment. According to him, the average price tag in Russia has grown from 51 to 72 thousand rubles. per person, and abroad – from 104 to 157 thousand rubles.

“Prices for tours have increased significantly. If last year the average check for a trip to a Turkish resort was just over 100 thousand rubles, then this season it is more than 157 thousand. This applies to almost all destinations – the average check has increased by 1.5 times,” said the expert in an interview with RIA Novosti. He also added that Russian resorts are leading this summer, although last year Turkey was in the lead. Which, however, is an obvious trend.

According to Oleg Kozyrev, Turkey accounts for 33% of all purchased tours, while Russian resorts account for 51%. In third place is such a conditionally outbound destination as Abkhazia – 7% of tourists gathered there. Prices are slightly higher than the “average Russian” ones – 79.6 thousand rubles.

Egypt also entered the top five. It finished fourth and received 4% of the tourists. The average check amounted to 138 thousand rubles. The top five is closed by the UAE, where 2% of tourists bought tours, and the average check amounted to 150 thousand rubles. In 2021, the top five destinations looked like this: Turkey, Russia, Cyprus, Egypt and Abkhazia.

The expert also named the cheapest and most expensive tours purchased through the service. The cheapest tour bought in 2022 in Russia was purchased from Moscow to St. Petersburg for three nights per adult in a hostel without meals. It amounted to 8.3 thousand rubles. A similar tour last year, but only for four nights, cost 5.4 thousand rubles. The most expensive tour from Moscow to Turkey cost 797.6 thousand rubles – for a family of five, including three children in a 5 * hotel for 22 nights with ultra all inclusive in Alanya.

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