There is a massive refusal of Russians to travel around the country

There is a massive refusal of Russians to travel around the country

The mass refusal of Russians from flights and the return of air tickets on domestic routes was recorded after the announcement of partial mobilization in Russia. Demand for travel fell by a record 48%, according to RBC, citing Aeroclub data.

In the Russian Federation, the number of return air tickets for domestic flights has doubled compared to the beginning of September this year. At the same time, the overall decline in demand for destinations in the country reached 48%. So, if the average component of return tickets for domestic flights was 7%, then over the past two weeks this figure has increased fivefold and amounted to 36%. However, this trend is also typical for foreign trips: Russians began to hysterically sell air tickets (125%) and refuse to buy them, the statistics of ticket sales for flights decreased by 18%.

At the same time, the share of flights in business tourism in Russia in the business class cabin remained at the level of 3%, and in foreign destinations the share of business class decreased to 11%.

One of the main reasons why compatriots do not want to travel now, they say experts, – announcement of partial mobilization in Russia and a vague future.

Recall that Russians who have received a call for service can return the money spent on air and railway tickets, provided that they were purchased before receiving the summons . Read the procedure and conditions for receiving money in the article “A summons came to a Russian tourist: the authorities explained what to do to recruit tourists who bought a tour.”

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