There was a loud explosion sound and a bright white flash: with a frightening roar, lightning struck the Airbus

There was a loud explosion sound and a bright white flash: lightning struck the Airbus with a frightening roar

one of the largest Airbus Beluga XL5 aircraft in the world, during takeoff last Tuesday, November 1, was struck by lightning with a terrifying roar, frightening tourists and locals. The aircraft was bound for Germany from Hawarden Airport in Flintshire, North Wales in the UK.

Just a few minutes after taking off from the ground, the ship was struck by lightning. The chilling moment of impact and the “light explosion” that followed it with a characteristic frightening sound were recorded by the video recorders of eyewitnesses, Dailystar reported. Dozens of motorists noticed a white flash during the rain, which was formed as a result of double lightning, piercing both ends of the plane. After the incident, locals reported a power outage and loss of television signal in the area.

An Airbus UK spokesperson told local newspapers: “Lightning struck a Beluga XL5 taking off from Hawarden Airport at 13:00 today. Although the flight continued as normal and landed in a German city a few hours after takeoff, the impact and subsequent “explosion” was quite frightening. This is a common event in aviation, and the liner continued on its way to Hamburg as planned. In accordance with standard operating procedure, the aircraft will be inspected before the next flight.”

Shortly after, locals took to social media to share their concerns following the massive crash and lightning flash. They also told fire brigades heading to the area, although no fires were recorded. It was clarified that the lightning did not violate the plans of the airliner: the plane, according to the schedule, landed in Hamburg, Germany.

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