There was a mass refusal of tours: hotels in Turkey are shocked and resigned to the inevitable price reduction, followed by Greece and Spain

There was a massive cancellation of tours: hotels in Turkey are shocked and resigned to the inevitable price reduction, Greece and Spain will follow them

The potential for “explosive bookings” that has accumulated over the covid is almost completely exhausted, and the economic crisis, multiplied by the terrible heat in the Mediterranean, finally slows down the potential demand for tours in all markets. As a result, hoteliers record a massive decline in bookings. Hotels in Turkey will have to put up with the inevitable price cuts, and other destinations will follow, including Greece and Spain. This assessment from major tourism officials was voiced in the Turkish press.

In particular, Hakan Saatchioglu, vice president of the Association of Professional Hotel Managers (POYD), said that “high-end” hotels will “inevitably have to make price concessions”. The reason is occupancy issues. “In August there is a problem in high end hotels. There may be 10-15% gaps in occupancy. We are trying to minimize this,” Turkish travel media quoted him as saying.

It’s not just Turkey that is suffering – Spain’s Mallorca has also said bookings in Germany, one of their home markets, are slowing down. As a result, the occupancy of hotels in Mallorca in July was about 65%, and it is predicted that in August it may decrease even more. Tourists are scared away by the intense heat, in addition, the economic crisis is obvious in Germany – to the point that the local “leftists” assure that about a fifth of all Germans cannot afford even a week's vacation (read the details here). As a result, Spanish hotels in Mallorca, except for the most popular ones, have reduced prices for August and September in order to increase occupancy. Eurocontrol notes a similar situation in Greece.

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