They are already in the rooms: tourists complain that monkeys have occupied a luxury hotel in Phuket

They are already in the rooms: tourists complain that monkeys have occupied a luxury hotel in Phuket

To a brand new luxury hotel in the resort Chalong (Phuket Island in Thailand) began the invasion of wild monkeys. Animals roam freely around the hotel and cause problems for tourists.

Pongchat Chouehorm, head of the Wildlife Education Center in the Khao Phra Thau reluctant zone in Thalang, and other wildlife officials toured the Noku Phuket Hotel in Soi Sai Nam Yen last Tuesday, Phuketnews reported. The management of the new hotel, which consists of 91 villas and lofts, explained the problems they faced: the luxury hotel was chosen by local macaques, who do not leave attempts to enter travellers' homes. According to Thai publications, some succeed.

According to Pongchat, the administration has laid out some ground rules for guests to follow. “They absolutely should not give the monkeys any food. Don't leave food waste outside the room waiting to be collected, as this only attracts wildlife that come down to eat the leftover food. In addition, we ask for the cooperation of staff to help inspect the area to ensure that leftover food and collected waste are safely stored inside the hotel, ”the head of the hotel was quoted as saying.

“These rules will be used as guidance for hotels in or near hilly areas and near mangrove forests to prevent attracting wildlife to resort areas,” Pongchat said. And the police who arrived at the resort set several traps in the hope of catching one of the intruders.

The growth of Phuket's wild monkey population in years past has inspired mass sterilization campaigns and even sending groups of monkeys to offshore islands. Officials have issued numerous warnings that tailed animals can be dangerous to tourists and transmit infectious diseases.

Recall that in 2019, a Russian tourist was seriously injured by a monkey bite in Khao Toh Sai. Even a year earlier, in 2018, the main places where tourists and locals interact with wild monkeys were equipped with warning signs to comply with security measures due to the possible attack of monkeys. In this regard, tourists were urged not to feed animals and, moreover, not to tease them with food.

Reference: Chalong resort is located on the east coast of the paradise island of Phuket in Thailand near the resort of Rawai, south of Phuket Town. Russian tourists are attracted by picturesque beaches and outdoor activities. Noku Phuket is less than 1 km from Chalong Temple and 1.8 km from Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp. It features a garden and a terrace. On site there is a restaurant, an outdoor pool, a fitness center and a bar in Chalong.

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