They crap in gardens and fight: a popular resort named tourists of the same nationality who got it

Crapping in the gardens and fighting: a popular resort named tourists of the same nationality who got it

To the fight arena , booze and chaos turns annually the popular resort town of Arenal in Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Spain), located between the famous tourist locations of Palma and Llucmajor. Locals complain that their hometown is being “terrorized” by drunken Brits who shit in gardens and massacre.

According to published complaints in the Daily Star newspaper, these vacationers are the source of numerous problems and a place for round-the-clock drinking and disorder during the period from March to September, when the resort is at its peak season. Particularly concerned residents note the fact that some of these tourists use their own gardens as public toilets.

Drunken tourism

The president of the Llucmajor Residents' Association, David Cervera, commented: “The English have always been the most problematic tourists, while the Germans used to be more disciplined. There have always been fights, but every time there are more of them. In addition, the representative also noted that even more decent and seemingly cultured holidaymakers from other European countries are beginning to copy the obscene behavior of the British. Drunk tourism is contagious. In his statement, he added that some tourists do not even book hotels and come to the city for 24-48 hours, preferring to spend time at alcohol parties.

One of the locals, Miguel Pascual, recounted a case when one of the tipsy tourists used his garden as a toilet: I shouted to him to leave my garden, and when he turned around, I saw that his pants were stained with feces.< /p>

Drunkenness and hooliganism of tourists destroy the calm atmosphere of the city. The streets are filled with tons of rubbish every day, despite regular cleaning. Moreover, tourists, oblivious to the availability of public toilets or the possibility of booking a hotel, practice urination and defecation on the streets. Some of the dejected locals are even considering permanently moving out of the area due to the drunken antics of British holidaymakers.

“We understand this is a tourist area and noise is to be expected, but there are lines that must not be crossed” , said David Cervera and urged the authorities to take more active measures to help local residents improve the quality of tourism and stop short-term visits of tourists who come to the city only for one night.

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