They decided to press Turkey: it has already overtaken the Russian Federation in terms of refusals

They decided to press Turkey: it has already overtaken Russia in refusals

Turkey was “pressed” by unspoken visa restrictions – as it turned out, the total number of refusals in Schengen visas in the country is even higher than in Russia subject to sanctions on all sides. Nearly 20 out of every 100 applications are rejected. Moreover, as local media add, this is an officially recognized level – it was announced by such Western agencies as Reuters and the BBC.

So, according to Reuters, an average of 16.5 out of every 100 Schengen visa applications in Turkey this year were rejected. At the same time, last year this figure was 12.5%, and in 2015 – only 4%. At the same time, as the experts add, in general, the total number of refusals strongly depends on the country in which the application for a visa is submitted, as well as on the embassy or consulate where the application is submitted.

It is interesting that Estonia became the leader in terms of the number of refusals, “famous” at the same time for its consistent anti-Russian position. More than half – almost 60% of applications submitted to the consulate of this country in Ankara were refused. In Germany, the consulate in Izmir did not accept 16% of applications, for applications submitted from Ankara, this proportion doubles.

As sports announcer, presenter and reporter Sinem Okten complained in an interview with Reuters, visa history does not affect to rejections – although he traveled to EU countries 50-60 times, this year his visa applications were rejected by both Germany and France. Moreover, in Germany, the refusal was not motivated in any way, but the answer of the French consulate “sheds light” on the reasons for the refusal. The “victim” was told that they did not see sufficient evidence that he would be able to finance himself in the country or eventually return to Turkey.

However, we recall that Turkey had previously suggested another reason. Financial. At least a registration fee of 100 euros is not returned to the tourist in case of refusal. In Turkey, they are sure that in this way they simply profit from the “refuseniks”. Read more here.

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