They go to the buffet in shorts and pajamas: a tourist was outraged by the inappropriate clothing of vacationers at breakfast at the hotel

They go to the buffet in shorts and pajamas: a tourist was outraged by the inappropriate clothing of vacationers at breakfast at the hotel

Tourists staying at the hotel were criticized for going out to the buffet in pajamas and shorts – as if there was no one else around. Users on the Mumsnet parent forum argued about the appropriateness of home clothes in the hotel restaurant.

The debate flared up over one traveler who, after checking into a hotel, saw her family descend on the morning buffet in their pajamas, the clothes they slept in. According to her inner feelings, the tourists looked inappropriate. In this regard, she turned to the forum and asked the question: “Is it normal to wear pajamas for breakfast in a hotel.”

In a short post, she wrote: “Stayed into a downtown hotel last night and the whole family came down to breakfast in pajamas looking like they all jumped out of bed. It was 9:00 am, so there was still time to shower and get dressed before breakfast was over. Do I unreasonably think this is inappropriate?”

Incredibly, only part of the users agreed with the author of the post. One of them even recommended complaining to the hotel administration about the way tourists dress. “It’s incredibly sloppy to go out like that! Gloomy! I would immediately complain to the front desk and never go to this hotel again. If their standards are so low that they allow people to go to breakfast in pajamas, then the hotel is below me and I am not a hyacinth bucket!” The second added: “I think it's disgusting. Did they shower? Have they brushed their teeth, combed their hair?”

Nevertheless, the rest of the travelers were loyal to the choice of guests' clothes. “I don’t see a problem, the main thing is they are dressed”, “What is the difference between pajamas, trousers and a top?”, I don’t care what other people wear,” they left such comments.

In addition, there were those who suggested that hotels introduce a similar relaxing dress code. “I would be happy if such a rule were introduced. So many times I've skipped breakfast because I couldn't get dressed and I knew people like you would judge me!”

However, the question of inappropriate clothing at breakfast at a hotel has been raised more than once. For example, television etiquette expert William Hanson previously described it as “one-star behavior.” “Wearing pajamas for breakfast is the height of slovenliness. While hotels encourage you to relax and feel “at home”, the reality is that there are restrictions and this usually applies to private areas (your room/suite) rather than public or public areas. Arriving in an inappropriate manner demonstrates a complete lack of attention and respect for staff and other guests. This is very similar to the behavior of a single star,” he explained.

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