They looked at you, undressed and slept without your participation: a Russian woman said that she was waiting for a lonely white woman in India

They looked at you, undressed and slept without your participation: the Russian woman told what awaits a single white woman in India

It is dangerous for a single white woman to be in India. in most cases, she becomes the object of persistent attention of local Indian men and the object of speculation. A woman who, without any special goals, went for a walk with an Indian in front of his friends is expected to “wash the bones”: “between them you have already been fully discussed and slept, even without your participation.” The Russian traveler warned her compatriots about this on the Yandex.Zen channel.

The blogger explained that in India, every second foreign tourist cannot avoid special attention from men. It can be compliments, persistent courtship and daring slaps on different parts of the body. As the author explained, after walking under the Indian moon, not everyone enters into a relationship. However, if the Indian “macho” friends were noticed accompanied by a foreign tourist, their collective brain would think out the development of the pre-romantic situation in the way they needed, but before that, the Indian representatives of the strong half of humanity would gossip about what they saw in detail.

“Our girls seem to lack attention at home, they peck at this cheap flirting like stupid fish. The Indians are not afraid, they come up, get to know each other, and on the very first evening they invite you to go for a walk, and then to bed. Almost all stories say that our girls agree to go for a walk. But not everyone jumps into bed. And if you went for a walk with an Indian, in front of his friends, then for everyone your meeting ended with passionate hugs at sunset right on the seat of his scooter or in a cozy coastal hotel. The Indian will not miss his moment to look in front of his own male. “The foreigner agreed” – in their society this is considered prestigious. So, girls, know that between them you have already been fully discussed and slept, even without your participation,” the traveler warned.

After two months of staying in India and getting to know the local way of life and people, she said that Indian men are like savages, because they will not miss the opportunity to pinch or grab a girl by some body parts. “The most popular and saddest picture is when friends ride a bike and slap the girls on the chest. They laugh to tears, but you will be hurt by a sudden blow at speed. Close fit on the beach, and God forbid, if you are alone on the entire beach. As practice shows, these meetings with the Indians cannot be avoided. We were going to go to India to Goa – take a whistle with you so that in the event of an attack by men, you can at least somehow report about yourself, ”she turned to her compatriots.

According to a tourist who has read advice on how to behave girls in India, you should not appear on the street after 18:00 in the evening, it is better to sit out in a hotel. Although she immediately noted that if the Indians really need it, they will climb in the window and burst through the door. At the same time, the foreign traveler will not be injured for the police, because “there is no trust in foreigners”: “We ourselves came here, which means we asked for adventures ourselves and are also responsible for our lives.”

In addition, the author speculated about the reasons for such uncivilized behavior: “Apparently, these frequent cases of holiday romance between foreign women and Indians have relaxed them (men), so today they are more arrogant than they were yesterday.” In conclusion, the tourist advised planning a trip to India, and even more so to the popular resort of Goa with friends, including accompanied by one or more men.

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