They offer more for less: destinations announced for tourists in the 2023 season

Offering more for less: destinations announced for tourists in the 2023 season

Destinations that “offer more for less ”- and first of all it is Turkey and Egypt, who will win the summer 2023 season. This forecast from European tour operators was published by the Turkish media.

So, voicing his forecasts for the coming season, Ralf Schiller, CEO of the German FTI Group, said that in the summer of 2023, which will be marked by rising prices and uncertainty, destinations such as Turkey and Egypt, which “offer more for less money”, will undoubtedly win. “Due to the heightened price sensitivity of tourists, we expect a shift to destinations that offer more at a lower price. That is, tourists will prefer Turkey and Egypt to Spain and Greece,” he assured. At the same time, this will mainly affect more budget tourists who prefer 3 * or cheap 4 *. At the same time, in the 2022 season, Spain, Greece, Turkey and Italy remained the favorite destinations of the Germans – here the tour operator is looking for opportunities to cooperate with new hotels, he also plans to expand in Egypt.

Johan Lundgren, CEO of the British tour operator Easy Jet , said Turkey, Greece and Egypt were the leaders among cheap holiday destinations. It was the demand for these destinations that influenced the flights of the airline of the same name to the Eastern Mediterranean, and now all-inclusive sales are in good demand – mainly due to the uncertainty of tourists about the prices of the next season. “Tourists will be as determined as possible to protect their budget and minimize spending, but will not compromise on quality,” he added. True, they prefer to save money on flights – 66% of tourists are ready to prefer low-cost airlines, which is the above company.

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