They swear a lot: a Russian woman who had a rest in Italy spoke about 4 facts from the life of Italians that shock tourists

Swearing a lot: a Russian woman who had a rest in Italy told about 4 facts from the life of Italians that shock tourists

Four facts from the life of Italians, “which are not and will never be in Russia,” and therefore they shock tourists, a Russian travel blogger stated on her Yandex.Zen channel. In short, these four facts are as follows – in Italy, “they swear a lot, even on TV”, always start communication with compliments, advertise the police on billboards, and also allow themselves a three-hour lunch break in the middle of the working day.

Now details:

  1. “They swear a lot, even on TV” – this is the first shocking fact voiced by the blogger. According to her, Italians can swear not only in a street conversation, but also on television. In Russia, in her words, the latter is still shocking.
  2. They begin the greeting with compliments: it would seem that the opposite fact, but he also shocked the tourist. “Italians are very friendly towards each other, they often address strangers as “caro, cara” (which translates as “dear, dear”) and “bello, bella” (“dear, dear”). “Ciao, Bella!” – this is the greeting that girls of any age can most often hear in their address from passing men in Italy, ”she said. At the same time, the tourist warned that this is a tradition that has nothing to do with sincerity, “Italians will smile in your face, even if you are unpleasant to them, and discuss behind your back.” At the same time, in Russia, “it is customary to tell the whole truth in person, and compliments must be earned (features of Soviet upbringing),” she is sure.
  3. They advertise carabinieri (i.e., police officers) on huge banners: “It seems very strange, because we most often advertise goods, services, cosmetics, clothes, new buildings – anything but the police,” says the tourist. According to her, in this way “Italians form the loyalty of the population and popularize trust in the organs of law and order.” She is also sure that this will definitely never happen in Russia, “because it will alert society and rather cause negativity.”
  4. And finally, the siesta is a three-hour lunch break: “A three-hour lunch break in the middle of the day for them is an integral part of life. They close shops right in front of visitors and, satisfied, go to restaurants and cafes, where they slowly drink wine, enjoy life, communicate with loved ones and just relax from the bustle of work,” the blogger explains. According to her, again, in Russia, where “they are used to customer service 24/7”, this will definitely not happen.

Recall that this is not the first time the blogger lists amazing habits Italians. The previous list – which included an unsafe attitude to alcohol, an extremely tender love for pets and a rather strange custom of drying clothes on the street – can be found in this material at the link.

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