They took the sausage and let it go: a Russian tourist in Thailand reported an unexpected way to get into prison

They took the sausage and let it go: a Russian tourist in Thailand reported an unexpected way to get to jail

For importing sausages and other products from Russia to Thailand, with which tourists stuff their suitcases before traveling to this exotic country, they face a fine of 20 thousand baht (this is more than 47 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate) or imprisonment for a period of one year . An unexpected way to get into a Thai prison instead of rest and how Thai border guards strictly observe this law was reported by a domestic traveler who moved to the kingdom.

Gastronomic habits can turn into bunks for Russians instead of the expected rest under palm trees. “At the same time, breaking the law is easier for absolutely any tourist entering the kingdom. We are talking about a ban on the import of food products into Thailand without a phytosanitary certificate: fruits, meat, cheese and vegetable raw materials in the form of plant seeds,” a compatriot warned in her blog on Yandex.Zen.

Such a ban has been successfully operating in South Korea for many years. The author told a story that happened to her at the border control in South Korea. A stick of smoked sausage, which she was carrying as a souvenir, was taken away from the blogger, and two apples intended for her daughter's snack were confiscated.

It is especially important to recall the Thai law now, when many migrants who have moved to the kingdom are asking to bring “something harmful and delicious.” At the same time, tourists traveling to an Asian country themselves bring their usual products: sausage, frozen cutlets, buckwheat, etc. “The rules are such that it is forbidden to import any food, no matter for what purpose,” she specified.

The Minister of Agriculture of Thailand Rapiphat Chantarasrivong once again warned about the consequences of breaking the law from the pages of local publications: “Now many Thais are returning to their homeland, and tourists come to rest. They bring different fruits with them, such as persimmons and grapes, which are cheaper than in Thailand. We would like to warn that such behavior is a violation of the law, even if it is unintentional.”

If the import law is violated, the perpetrator will face a fine of more than 47 thousand rubles, confiscation and destruction of the disputed property, that is, imported products, as well as imprisonment for a period of one year. For now, tourists can rely on the fact that the strictness of the laws in Thailand is compensated by the optionality of enforcement. However, sausage gourmets come across among Thai customs officers …

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