Things are changing in Thailand: tourists warned of the danger

Things are changing in Thailand: tourists have been warned of the danger

From May 13, the season changes in Thailand: the high sunny season is replaced by the low season – traditionally, this time is the first day of the rainy season in Thailand. And judging by the forecast, the traditions will come true in full – the Thai hydrometeorological center said that “the center of low pressure from Upper Vietnam on May 13-14 will cause heavy rains and potential flash floods in 36 provinces of the country.” Tourists are also advised to “be aware of the dangers caused by heavy rains.” Including on the coast, where “high waves and thunderstorms” should be expected.

So, in northern Thailand, in the tourist province of Chiang Mai, thunderstorms are expected, temperatures around 33-36 degrees and winds up to 20 km/h. It is not easier on the coast – heavy precipitation will take place in almost all resort provinces, thunderstorms are promised on 60% of the coast. The wind can reach 30 km/h, the height of the waves at sea is 1 meter or more. The temperature is also hot – up to 34 degrees.

Thunderstorms will also cover tourists in Bangkok, mainly in the evenings, the wind will reach 20 km/h, the heat will reach 36 degrees.

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