This is a disaster: the absence of Russian tourists in Cyprus hit another business

It's a disaster: the lack of Russian tourists in Cyprus has hit another business

The distress signal is given by car rental owners on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Due to the lack of Russian tourists with their business, a catastrophic situation has developed. For example, this is the case in the resort area of ​​Famagusta, one of the most popular destinations for our compatriots. In the upcoming summer season, they expect a strong blow and total closure.

A number of car rental firms are likely to close by the end of this summer season, according to media sources on the resort island nation. they will no longer be able to stay afloat: for the last two years in a row they recorded only losses.

One of them told the local press that the absence of Russian-speaking tourists led to a recorded decrease in activity of 70% compared to pre-Covid 2019. The Russian market has stimulated growth in the number of local car rental outlets, as well as the restaurant and retail sector. However, under the sanctions, there are no Russians in the resorts, now the Mediterranean island is visited mainly by the British and Scandinavians, and they have a different attitude to everything, the source explained. For example, unlike the Russians, who often rent cars to explore the island, few British and Scandinavians want to leave their hotels, as they came on an all-inclusive package and are not interested in anything but the beach and alcohol.

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