This is a disaster, they are everywhere: the invasion of ladybugs began at the Turkish resort

It's a disaster, they are everywhere: a Turkish resort has been invaded by ladybugs

A coastal Turkish resort in Saros Bay (Aegean Sea) has been invaded by ladybugs. Vacationers are nervous and complain that small predators cause them a lot of inconvenience: they occupy the beaches, stick to all surfaces, climb into the eyes, and some travelers claim that insects bite them.

“This is a disaster. They are everywhere and bite very hard, ”Turkish publications quoted the words of the tourist. Local media reported that the invasion of ladybugs is striking: they littered the entire coast, vacationers and roads to such an extent that it became difficult to walk.

Earlier, Russian expert Tikhonov explained the reason for the invasion of ladybugs by saying that there was more and in connection with this, the population of small predators has grown.

Reference: The Saros Gulf is a bay in the northern part of the Aegean Sea, north of the Gallipoli Peninsula. The bay is far from the industrial zones and the sea has a crystal clear view, in this regard, the shores of the bay are popular as tourism objects. The Saros Islands are located in the bay. These are three small islands – Buyukada (Buyuk-Ada Muariz, Kyuchukada (Kyuchuk-Ada, Xero-Micro) and Mynykada (Xero-Scopelo).

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