This is a robbery: the Russian woman was shocked when she decided to exchange Egyptian pounds for rubles at Sheremetyevo airport

This is a robbery: a Russian woman was shocked when she decided to exchange Egyptian pounds for rubles at Sheremetyevo Airport

Conditions for the exchange of Egyptian pounds for rubles on the territory of the Russian Federation, or rather at Sheremetyevo Airport, outraged Russian woman who arrived at home. “This is robbery in broad daylight,” she exclaimed on her blog on Yandex.Zen.

A compatriot flew in from the country of the pyramids and decided to exchange 5,000 pounds for rubles. However, her enthusiasm “evaporated” at the sight of quotes – tourists buy 10 Egyptian pounds for 8 rubles, and sell for 17, while the real exchange rate at the time of the offer was 1 pound – 2.3 rubles.

“And they buy, it turns out, 1 pound for 0.8 rubles! Almost three times less. This is robbery in broad daylight. The expectation that the tourists who came from Egypt, in any case, will try to get rid of the pounds. They sell just at a good rate – 1.7 rubles. But in order to sell, you need to have them at the box office. Something tells me that they will not have cash pounds if someone wants to buy,” the shocked author reflected. ?

Firstly, in order to avoid an inadequate exchange rate, she advised to “get rid” of the Egyptian pounds in Egypt. “At worst, buy something in duty-free,” the blogger added.

Secondly, since US dollars in Egypt are currently difficult to get, it is better to exchange for pounds only the amount that is exactly will be spent during the holiday. Otherwise, “no one will change you back for dollars.” There will be three ways out – to rent almost for nothing in Russia, to keep banknotes as a souvenir, to leave until the next trip to the country of the pyramids. In the latter case, it is worth considering that the Egyptian currency is depreciating very quickly.

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