This is devastation: a Russian drove through Poland and was shocked by what he saw

This is devastation: a Russian drove through Poland and was shocked by what he saw

“There is no smell of Europe here, maximum Russia of the 90s,” such a conclusion was made by a Russian who traveled through Poland and was shocked by what he saw in his blog in Yandex.Zen. Not only the hinterland, but the capital Warsaw itself, outside the central streets, is far from similar to the “glossy” pictures of Russian cities, but persistently evokes memories of the 90s in Russia, and the “contingent” is appropriate, the blogger assures.

< p>Let's start from the depths. “European villages are usually shown clean and well-groomed, houses with colorful facades, well, it’s definitely a fairy tale, but the reality is more severe, most villages in the wilderness look different,” the blogger begins the story. The “real Polish village” shocked him, to put it mildly. “Already about three hours from the capital, devastation was felt,” he writes. The very same place for the “inspection” was chosen “not at random”, he adds. “Quiet places were suggested to us by the father of our Polish friend and guide – Vita, his father is a fisherman, so he knows good, deaf places well, our choice fell on the village of Spychowo, which is located in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, almost two hours drive from the tiny, the provincial town of Pisz, wilderness!” he explained.

According to him, “the first houses in the village do not look bad, multi-colored, well-groomed, one even made of stone.” “But apparently, these are not the last people’s houses, which is why the paintings on the distant streets change dramatically. The farther from everywhere to the village, the worse the houses, sometimes it was even difficult to say whether the house was settled in or abandoned, by the way, it’s not entirely clear how the locals live, we somehow didn’t notice the abundance of livestock or pens for it, ”says the blogger. At the same time, according to Wikipedia, up to 1000 people live here, but according to the blogger, a couple of hundred. “On the other hand, electricity has been provided, which is not available in all Russian villages, although I think the reason is that Russia is extremely large, Poland is much smaller, even the most remote wilderness here is 2-3 hours away from civilization,” he notes. The blogger did not notice any other differences with the “nightmarish Russian outback”, with which they like to compare “well-groomed European villages”.

However, to find devastation in Poland, you don’t have to go to the outback, the blogger adds. One has only to drive a couple of blocks even from the center of the Polish capital. “Warsaw turned out to be quite dirty, garbage, bottles, bulls are everywhere, and even in the center, of course, we became interested in how things are then on the outskirts. Already after the first half hour after our “run” along the Warsaw outskirts, or rather not even the outskirts, the areas in which we rode were 20-30 minutes from the main streets, we were shocked by the situation, and most importantly by the local contingent, ”said the blogger and explained what the matter was.

Even in the “European” quarters there are houses in an extremely deplorable state, “often beautiful buildings stand with peeling facades, crumbling plaster and other things,” and even houses that are in a normal state “are just painted to death with graffiti.” However, relatively beautiful houses quickly end and “our all-favorite gray panels” appear. Also, the outskirts “are actually buried in advertising, I haven’t seen such large billboards for a long time,” the blogger writes.

no, here they are in a European country in 2023. There are so many of them in Warsaw that it feels like I am walking not in the capital of Poland, but in a flea market. In addition to the situation itself, we were also upset by the local contingent, a lot of drunkards and beggars, a lot of caricature cattle in tracksuits with bottles of alcohol. It doesn’t smell like Europe here, at most Russia of the 90s,” the blogger sums up.

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