This is hell: a Russian woman went to China and paid the price

It's hell: a Russian woman went to China and paid the price

From lack of food to euthanasia of pets: a Russian woman, who is stuck in the epicenter of the largest lockdown in China for throughout the coronavirus pandemic. We are talking about the closure of the largest Chinese city of Shanghai, where the authorities registered a record outbreak of covid at the end of March. She shared her impressions of what is happening on the Yandex.Zen channel.

Background: the Shanghai authorities, faced with a record outbreak of coronavirus, decided to act big and “in their own style”: according to the “zero tolerance” policy, they closed the largest city (the population of the metropolis is 26 million people) and, concurrently, the economic capital of the country for quarantine , which is valid from March 28 to this day, i.e. it's been two weeks already. Citizens were forbidden to leave their homes.

Shanghai on the brink of starvation?

“We were locked up on the 1st, and many areas much earlier. Someone without warning, they did not have time to buy (food and essential goods),” the girl said.

It was expected that the quarantine would end on April 5, but the authorities extended the anti-covid measures. Now there is a collapse in the city: people do not have enough food.

Here is a quote from the story of a Russian woman stuck in China:

“My Chinese teacher was already sitting at home even before the moment we were closed. And we had an online lesson. Before it started, she told me that she only had breakfast and lunch in small portions, because she did not know how much the remaining food would last.

There was no time to buy, there were no deliveries, it was impossible to order. Are you saying you didn't expect this from China? I expected, but not from Shanghai. In Guangzhou that year (2020), everything was terrible, but mostly only African Americans were kicked out of their homes. But Shanghai was completely different until they ousted the Shanghai government and sent people from Beijing.

And so, when Shenzhen was closed, Shanghai remained open, everything was growing at a rapid pace, and then from Beijing (but I think this is just an excuse, the Chinese say, there are some kind of games there), they made a replacement for Beijing, which did that the same as with Beijing two years ago – they closed the city completely.
It's a shame, because I felt that I had to leave. We were told that we were sitting until the fifth (April), I immediately thought: “Yes, even if only for two weeks.” There are no deliveries, we can order together in some so-called compounds, but it is “dreary” and very difficult, you have to wait a long time, several days, and so on.”

Increasing protests

At first, the locals tolerated, and now they began to protest against measures resembling a total sanitary blockade. “About the dissatisfied Chinese… Yes, I have seen a lot of videos, although they are quickly deleted, they are forbidden to repost, there are still a lot of them. There was just one moment that they generally allocated 200 yuan (2,700 rubles) for each person for food, and some houses did not receive food at all! They gave us on the first day, and that's it, they didn't give us any more. And it turns out that this money is someone somewhere… As a result, it’s not clear what is happening, some kind of murky schemes,” the Russian woman added.

In other words, the locals are outraged that “on paper” everyone was given support in the form of food rations, but in fact, “people were simply left to starve.”

The fear of the people of Shanghai, which is worse than hunger

However, the “horrors of the Chinese lockdown” do not end there. “The worst thing that a friend, and indeed all Chinese, is afraid of is that they will be taken to a special place if they test positive (for coronavirus),” the author wrote.

“This is hell. It's some kind of hangar, a big stadium. They adjust large rooms for this, and there are simply inhuman conditions. The second moment is when you are taken away, pets are euthanized, and there are a lot of scandals on this basis,” the Russian woman shared.

In addition, the blogger noted that “no one believes that they were closed for an official reason” . Many believe that the tightening of movement and the general tightening of the screws are preparations for radical actions against Taiwan, “someone thinks that political affairs are being resolved “under the guise”, tricky games are being played.”

Recall, last fall of one case of coronavirus in Shanghai Disneyland, 34,000 people were locked down for lockdown – details here.

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