This is so scary! Thailand has a new way of attacking tourists, victims in despair from the impunity of the aggressors

It's so scary! A new way of attacking tourists has appeared in Thailand, the victims are desperate from impunity for aggressors

Tourists and local residents of Bangkok were driven into a panic by a hooligan operating in places popular with tourists in the Thai capital. Frightened survivors say a drunken extremist reacts to women in white pants by spraying them with red paint. At the same time, as the Thai press assures, the number of victims is growing exponentially – many others constantly join one woman who told her story on social networks. At the same time, law enforcement officers still cannot even answer the question of whether there is only one pervert-intruder – or is it a kind of “flash mob” that other inadequate personalities can pick up.

One of the victims of the attack made a fuss on social networks – she published a photo of her pants covered in red paint and warned everyone to beware of such attacks. “This is so scary! I came down from the Bearing BTS station and suddenly a man came up to me and splashed red paint,” she said. After that, the number of victims began to grow – apparently the victims, including tourists, initially did not declare this anywhere, but after the first publications on social networks, they began to tell their similar stories there.

“My friend experienced a similar incident while walking down Lasalle Road near the same area,” is a typical comment left under the description of the incident. Some also claim that the attacker was drunk and even held a bottle of alcohol in his hands. Others note that the pervert attacks only women in light trousers.

The public calls on the police to take prompt action to apprehend the perpetrator and prevent further attacks. But there has been no comment from the police yet. However, some women claim that they recognized the attacker – and that he was already arrested four months ago for spraying blue paint on women near the Samrong BTS station in the same area.

Others express an even more frightening thought – that such an attacker not alone. And this is a kind of flash mob that can be picked up by other crazy people. And it’s good if only in Thailand.

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