This is some kind of medieval Disneyland: a tourist called this a popular city in which there are 6 times fewer residents than tourists

This is some kind of medieval Disneyland: the tourist is so named a popular city in which there are 6 times fewer residents than tourists

A tourist visited one of the most popular cities in the world and said that he did not like it there because of the overcrowding and crowds of other travelers, who are 6 times more than local residents. He shared his opinion on the Reddit forum, where he called Prague a medieval Disneyland.

Prague is one of the most popular cities in Europe, where about seven million tourists come a year. First of all, visitors are attracted by the Old Town of the Czech capital. Tourist Robin Morris also went there, who later wrote about it on the forum.

“I was in Venice in the summer and Kyoto in April, but nothing was as bad as Prague in September. Tourists wall to wall and all the stores were selling cheap tourist crap. The main square was full of bad street performers who had nothing to do with Prague. It looked more like a medieval Disneyland than a real city. We didn’t like it all,” the tourist shared his opinion.

According to Euromonitor, the number of tourists in Prague exceeds the number of local residents by six times, which is much less than in other popular European cities. However, the crowds continue to ruin the city experience for some travelers.

“I think we were a little unlucky because we stayed in Prague over the Easter weekend and it was crowded everywhere, especially around the astronomical clock. We even had trouble finding restaurants to eat during the day and ended up eating at a very suspicious place. It's definitely a beautiful city, but I couldn't enjoy it to the fullest because of the crowds. Definitely would love to go back there again during the off-peak season,” another Reddit user shared his experience.

Prague's high season is usually between June and August when the city is at its hottest and most European countries have school holidays. Although December is calmer than summer, it is also a popular time to visit the city due to the Christmas markets. The fewest tourists in Prague, as a rule, are in February, March and November.

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