This is the biggest victory: the most popular country in the Mediterranean urgently backed down and completely capitulated to tourists

This is the biggest victory: the most popular country in the Mediterranean urgently backed down and completely capitulated to tourists

Spain is still ready to capitulate to tourists – on the very eve of the summer tourist season, the country plans to start letting even unvaccinated tourists from third countries (that is, including Russia), and a decision on this will be made in the near future. This will be the biggest victory for common sense over the global pandemic. This is exactly what the Minister of Tourism of this Mediterranean country, Reyes Maroto, said – she said that “it will not be long before unvaccinated citizens of countries outside the EU will be allowed to visit Spain for the purpose of tourism.

“We are going to stop requiring a vaccination certificate and allow them to enter with a negative test,” she explained. She added that it should be a PDIA test, which in Spain refers to both PCR and antigen tests. If it is a negative PCR or similar test (NAAT type test), it must be issued less than 72 hours before arrival in Spain, or if it is a negative antigen test, less than 24 hours before arrival in Spain.

At the same time, we recall that the official health authorities of Spain have so far adhered to the toughest position among all the resort countries in Europe. So, the other day they decided to extend the ban on unnecessary travel for unvaccinated holidaymakers from non-EU countries until June 15. These restrictions allowed tourists from third countries, including Britain, the United States and Russia, only if they were fully vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19 – and this could be considered an indulgence, since almost throughout the entire pandemic, unvaccinated tourists from countries not members of the EU could not travel to Spain.

However, some restrictions are likely to remain. When asked when other measures would be lifted, such as wearing masks on public transport (including aircraft) and proof of vaccination, testing or recovery to visit some places, the minister replied: “There is a certain degree of safety in travel that we must maintain. . We are still coexisting with the pandemic, but this does not mean that we are not gradually lifting the restrictions.”

At the same time, Ms Maroto stressed that allowing the entry of unvaccinated holidaymakers from non-EU countries is another way to stimulate the country's recovering tourism industry. “The ministry is putting the finishing touches on the law, which will be approved in the coming days,” she assured.

At the moment, Europe is massively removing “covid barriers”. Spain's rivals France and Italy have been admitting unvaccinated tourists from third countries with proof of a negative Covid-19 test for more than a month now. And the same Greece has completely lifted the restrictions.

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