This weekend Thailand will cover: tourists urged to be prepared

Thailand will cover this weekend: tourists urged to be prepared

This weekend the weather will again not please holidaymakers in Thailand – tourists and local residents The Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) “made happy” the traditional warning – heavy rains, flooding, storms at sea and other “charms” of the rainy season are expected almost throughout the country. In other words, Thailand will be covered again.

Tourists were separately warned that in the Andaman Sea, the wave height reaches 1-2 meters, and in the event of a thunderstorm, the wave height can exceed 2 meters. The same is true in the Gulf of Thailand. As a result, all boats are strongly advised to travel with caution and avoid areas with thunderstorms during this period, and tourists are advised to be careful on the beaches and not take risks.

Thunderstorms are expected almost throughout the country, including in Chiang Mai, Bangkok and along the entire coast of the country. This will last until July 12 due to the prevailing moderate southwest monsoon over the Andaman Sea. Tourists are also asked to “beware of the dangers of heavy rains and rain accumulation that can cause flash floods” and travel with caution in general.

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