Thousands of tourists are forced to leave their suitcases at airports, hoping to fly without luggage: queues reach 12 hours

Thousands of tourists are forced to drop their suitcases at airports, hoping to fly without luggage: queues reach 12 hours

Air chaos continues to cause problems for tourists, and not only about arrivals and departures – the delivery of luggage has now become a real disaster. European media write about one scandal after another – somewhere tourists were urged to leave their luggage and fly only with hand luggage, others were warned that they had to wait at the airport for at least 12 hours when they were finally given their suitcases. And many cannot find their suitcases at all. All this provokes real riots.

Unloading and loading luggage is associated with the same problems of shortage of workers, due to the mass layoffs of staff during the pandemic. The situation is aggravated by massive flight delays and the panic of tourists who arrive on the flight much earlier than expected.

“Loading and unloading luggage is now broken in fact, so there are massive queues and panic. Tourists are asked to leave their suitcases and travel only with hand luggage, promising to send luggage in two days. Real stress,” The Sun cites tourists' complaints.

Promises to deliver luggage do not come true – one of the tourists complained that she ended up without her suitcase for almost three weeks. “It's been 19 days since we last saw our luggage,” she said.

Another scandal has been raised by British TUI tourists after waiting 12 hours to collect their luggage. They nearly kicked out the tailgate. As it turned out, the tourists were redirected to another airport, and then stood in line for 12 hours, waiting for suitcases.

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