Three Russian tourists were not allowed into a popular country for one reason: it all ended with interrogation and expulsion

Three Russian tourists were not allowed into the popular country for one reason: it all ended with interrogation and expulsion< /p>Three Russian tourists were detained at the border service at the Ezeiza airport in Argentina, interrogated, but ultimately denied entry. It is known that compatriots are in late pregnancy. The issue is handled by the consulate of the Russian Federation. This was reported by RIA Novosti.

According to the publication, the migration authorities of the host country could consider the information provided by the girls upon entry to be incomplete, false or distorted, explained Georgy Polin, head of the consular department. “According to our information, there are three people (at the airport). One girl arrived on February 7 in the evening, two more flew in on the evening of February 8. In total, more pregnant women flew in, but these Russian women were issued an order to prevent them from entering the country, ”he said.

The first girl was helped to hire a lawyer, who had already challenged the decision of the migration service in an Argentinean court. According to him, the Russian woman is 32 weeks pregnant and any stressful situation is fraught with premature birth. The other two don't have a lawyer.

The publication received a comment from Ekaterina, one of the tourists awaiting deportation. According to her, she has been at the airport for more than two days. “Yesterday was the 32nd week of pregnancy. I flew to Argentina from Turkey, flew to my friends as a tourist. My boyfriend was supposed to arrive later. At the migration control, they asked me about the purpose of the visit and took me to a separate room, where they interrogated me for about five hours,” she said.

The girl also said that the staff asked her questions about the purpose of the visit, availability of funds and place of residence. According to her, she provided the address of the friends she wanted to stay with, their contact details, and presented a return ticket. However, entry was refused without explanation.

“The documents were not returned to her, saying that she would be put on a flight to Turkey. The girl asked to give her the opportunity to rest before the return flight, to send her to the hotel to sleep, but she was also denied this. According to Ekaterina, escorts were assigned to her. She called the doctor twice. Friends helped Ekaterina find a lawyer, but he was not allowed to see her,” the publication reported.

“Now the girls are in the departure zone, their passports are with migration, their fate is being decided. We are aware of and are seeking official notification from the Argentine authorities,” Polin said.

The Argentine media stated that the women were between 25 and 35 years old and they arrived in the country as part of “birth tourism”. What alerted the employees of the migration service? The Russians arrived unaccompanied, without a supply of money and a return ticket, although, judging by the comment of a compatriot, she still had a ticket …

According to Argentine law, foreign women, including Russians, who give birth in this country, receive Argentine citizenship through a newborn. The Argentinean passport is known as an “all-terrain vehicle”: it entitles you to visa-free entry to 171 countries, including the European Union, the United Kingdom and Japan, and a long-term visa to the United States. After the start of the NWO, the demand for travel to the South American country has increased many times over. Recall that Russians can enter Argentina without a visa for up to 90 days.

According to The Guardian, citing statistics from the Russian embassy, ​​about 2,500 Russians moved to Argentina in 2022, and many of them were pregnant women. The embassy estimates that 10,000 people could arrive there in 2023, mostly as part of “ancestral tourism.” If earlier births in Miami (USA) were in demand, then after the aggravation of geopolitical conflicts, Buenos Aires became the main destination.

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