Top 10 most booked all-inclusive hotels in Russia and Abkhazia named

Top 10 most booked all-inclusive hotels in Russia and Abkhazia named

“Hits of the season” from Top- The 10 most booked all-inclusive hotels in Russia and Abkhazia, with a few exceptions, are located in Anapa. Such data was presented for tourists in its Telegram channel by the tour operator “Dolphin”. The rating is based on real June sales data.

It looks like this:

  1. Movenpick Resort & SPA Anapa Miracleon 5*, Anapa
  2. Beton Brut Ultra All Inclusive& SPA Anapa Miracleon 4*, Anapa
  3. Democratia Ultra All Inclusive Family Hotel 4*, Anapa, Sukko
  4. Venera Resort 3*, Anapa, Vityazevo
  5. Mira Resort & Spa Anapa Miracleon 5*, Anapa
  6. Fioleto Ultra All Inclusive Family Resort In Miracleon 4*, Anapa
  7. Sea Breeze Resort 3*, Anapa
  8. MoRemi Ultra All Inclusive Family Hotel 4*, Anapa, Sukko
  9. Bagripsh boarding house, Abkhazia
  10. Atelika Grand Oasis 3*, Tuapse district

Recall that from Friday, June 30, Russia officially introduced the standard for the “All Inclusive” and “Ultra All Inclusive” systems and listed what must be included there. The corresponding standard for the provision of hotel services has come into effect in Russia. The adopted document contains requirements regarding the number of rooms, meals, the availability of infrastructure elements, their parameters and characteristics, entertainment events, sports services, services for children, spa services and services of a water and entertainment complex – swimming pools and a water park, as well as the total time for providing services during the day (read more about the introduction of the standard here).

  • Food: In all-inclusive hotels, children's meals must be on the menu, and in ultra all-inclusive hotels there are also separate dietary or vegetarian dishes. Sets of dishes are also regulated. For breakfast, tourists should be given muesli, breakfast cereals, fish and meat snacks, vegetables and salads, pancakes, pancakes, casseroles, cheese of various varieties, dairy products, egg dishes, cereals and pastries. For lunch, the hotel must provide 8-10 types of cold appetizers, two or three soups, four or six main courses, sauces, desserts, including fruits and confectionery. Similarly for dinner, excluding soups. At the same time, dishes can be repeated no more than once a week.
  • As for alcohol, the standard states that according to the all-inclusive system, tourists should be supplied with alcoholic drinks of domestic production at lunch and dinner, and unlimitedly. And on the “ultra all inclusive” tourists should be offered at least five types of strong alcohol, both local and imported, as well as at least seven types of cocktails based on strong alcohol. At the same time, alcoholic drinks for lunch and dinner should be provided both at the “buffet” and at the “supplementary food point”. For all-inclusive, the assortment must include at least one type of beer, at least two types of strong alcohol and cocktails based on it, dry or semi-sweet red or white wine. And in a 5* hotel, guests should also be offered unlimited sparkling wine for breakfast.

  • About the rest of the details – about the time of service for tourists. In all-inclusive hotels, 5 * tourists must be served from 6.00 to 1.00, in 4 * from 6.30 to midnight, and in 3 * and below – from 6.00 to 1.00. In “ultra all inclusive” 4 and 5 * tourists should be served around the clock.

  • On the beach in 5 * “all inclusive” beach towels and sun loungers with mattresses should be provided (free of charge ), saunas and spa complexes should also be included in the price. Only massage and cosmetic services are provided for a fee.

  • As for family recreation and entertainment, cots, high chairs, playgrounds should be in all-inclusive hotels of all categories. The standard includes daily daytime and evening programs, including water programs, and separate children's programs. By the way, according to the standard, a minimum of 1 animator per 100 guests is required.

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