Tourism boom expected in mid-autumn: bookings jump 639%

Travel boom expected in mid-autumn: bookings jumped by 639%

In mid-autumn, a tourist boom is expected, though not in Russia, but in the most populous country in the world – in China: there the number of bookings in a number of destinations has jumped by as much as 639%. Chinese tourists have not been deterred by strict anti-COVID measures – domestic tourism is looking at the growth of bookings and expects a tourist boom for the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival. On average, bookings are up 137% even for the previous Dragon Boat Festival in June, with some cities like Shanghai experiencing a 600% increase in demand.

According to a report published by Ctrip, the local largest online travel agency, bookings for air tickets and train tickets have almost doubled and five times by June. Growth in bookings for group and themed tours was up 453% and 525% respectively, while bookings for hotels and car rentals more than doubled. “The Mid-Autumn Festival is expected to be the best holiday this year for the recovery of the tourism market,” the report estimated.

One of the reasons for this is that “anti-epidemic measures have been adjusted and optimized”, tourists are only required to test on arrival, and “travel uncertainties have been eliminated,” the publication says. Moreover, in Shanghai, it is required to pass the test within 12 hours after arrival.

Recall that until recently, Chinese tourists believed that travel was “too big a risk”. Such a negative experience was given to them by the massive closures of popular tourist destinations “for covid” and painful attempts to get out of these quarantines. Not so long ago, thousands of travelers were blocked in the resort of Hainan. Read more at this link.

As a result, in the summer, the world's largest nation began to massively refuse any tourist trips. The media tells the typical story of tourist Nicole Chan, who undertook a two-week tour of Hainan: after officials reported 11 cases of Covid-19 in Sanya, a city of over one million people in Hainan, authorities identified Chan as at risk because she was in the area that day. She was ordered to immediately quarantine for a three-day monitoring period and undergo two coronavirus tests. However, even after all her tests gave a negative result, she was not allowed to return to the airport and fly to Shanghai, where the tourist lives – she had to spend another 10 days of quarantine and undergo more than a dozen tests. The tourist also handed over tickets for flights more than once. As a result, she assessed that travel at the moment began to carry “too much risk.” Read more here.

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