Tourist and her friends were shocked to find a hidden camera in the bathroom

Tourist and her friends were shocked to find a hidden camera in the bathroom

In Canada, a tourist and eight of her friends rented a large house, where a hidden camera was found in the bathroom. The shocked girls turned to the local police, writes News Week.

To celebrate a birthday, a group of girls rented a large Airbnb property in British Columbia, Canada. The day before, one of them was watching a video on the Internet about small cameras that people hide in all sorts of places. She decided to take the phone and shine a flashlight all over the room, including sockets. This is how a tourist discovered a shower camera in a faulty outlet.

“She started to panic and told several of us about it. At first we could not believe it, but then, when she led us to the bathroom and showed us her find, we all started to panic,” said a girl named Kennedy.

After discovering the camera, the girlfriends spent the entire night together in the living room and called the police the next morning. The police searched the house and found the cameras, but the owners said it wasn't them.

A police spokesman said: “I can confirm that the police are investigating how cameras were reportedly found in a short-term rental home . As the investigation continues, no further information will be available at this time.”

After reporting the incident to Airbnb, the girls received a full refund and the host account was removed from the site. “We are banning hidden cameras and are investigating the allegation,” a company spokesperson said.

This is not the first time that hidden cameras have been found in an Airbnb rental. In 2022, a couple of tourists showed how they found a hidden camera in an apartment, and in 2021, an ad on how to find hidden tracking devices went viral. Small cameras that can be installed in power outlets or other small areas cost as little as $40 or less.

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