Tourist blamed Turkish hotel for being disgusting while Turks reported him drunkenly escaping and returning with camel

A tourist accused a Turkish hotel of being disgusting and the Turks reported it drunken escape and return with a camel

A foreign tourist called a Turkish hotel where he stopped for a rest disgusting after he was kicked out of there almost immediately after checking in. Then a strange man went missing at sea, and then unexpectedly found himself in the company of a camel.

A British traveler posted a negative review of Alanya's Sunprime C-Lounge on TripAdvisor, detailing his busy day at the resort, stating that the hotel had “bad management staff”. That day, like a movie plot, it was everything: the resort, the sun, the sea, the pool, running naked, injuries, search activities with the participation of the police and the marine rescue service, an ardent desire to get to training and even an unsuspecting camel.

Turkish hotel strikes back at hyperactive British guest According to them, the behavior of the tourist was wild. A vacationer named Chris said that he spent 130 thousand in ruble equivalent on his vacation, which turned out to be the first in his adult life, in which he went with his girlfriend.

“We saved up all year to pay for an all-inclusive hotel by the sea and our expenses while we were there,” he complained and went on to criticize at length everything he thought was wrong with the hotel. “When we checked in, it turned out that our room overlooked a construction site, and I asked at the front desk when we booked a room with a sea view, and they said yes. I hit my head on the bottom of the pool and cut my head open. There were no signs forbidding diving. The hotel staff and customer care representative said we would have to pay for hospitalization, I told them we were low on money,” the review said. “We took 3,000 Turkish liras (about 11.6 rubles) with us, and they told me that I had to pay a whole 1,000 liras (about 3,800 rubles) just for the ambulance to pick me up and take me to the hospital. I told them that I was fine and that I could not afford hospitalization, but they tried to force me to go there.”

According to the traveler, instead of going to the doctor, he decided to swim in the sea to “clean his head” of blood, but when he got ashore, the manager began to “shout and swear.” “The police came to my room and told me to get some sleep after I told them what happened, the law enforcement officers asked the receptionist and the client recreation officer to leave. I got into bed and was just beginning to fall asleep when the recreation department reappeared and told me that the receptionist no longer wanted me to stay at his hotel and we had 15 minutes to pack and leave. We only booked early in the morning and by 11:30pm we were both sitting on the beach with our suitcases. We didn’t have money to travel to the hospital, so they were ready to leave us homeless in Turkey with a head injury,” the Briton continued his story.

Nevertheless, the general manager of Sunprime C-Lounge did not accept left a review on the site and rebuffed the impudent tourist, describing in detail what, according to him, actually happened on that ill-fated day.
Here is his comment: “Our hotel is a sea view hotel, which has rooms with a beach view, as well as rooms that do not face the beach. He booked a non sea view room and got what he booked. The next day at about 20:30 pm, during dinner, our managers received a call from the reception and were informed that the guest was diving into the pool. The pool is closed for swimming after 19:00 pm and there are no lifeguards there after that hour. On the right side of our pool there is a 1 x 1.5 meter sign warning about this. The information is in English.” However, according to a hotel employee, the man ignored the warning and jumped into the pool again and again until he eventually hit his head.

“His girlfriend said he was drunk by then. When we saw the broken skull of Mr. Chris, we were very worried. We suggested that he go to the doctor or to the hospital. He was covered in blood, a crack almost 5 cm long was visible on his head. But he insisted that everything was fine with him, but we did not want him to fall asleep like that with a broken head. We kindly asked his girlfriend to keep him awake and let us know if he falls asleep. However, he wanted to close the door and go to bed,” the manager also said in a reply message.

In addition, the hotel representative said that he did everything possible to convince the guest to seek medical help, but he “got angry at the cost of medical care and did not even go to the pharmacist.” “He definitely did not pass any medical examination and ran to the sea. His worried girlfriend followed her. Five minutes later, the girl returned, sobbing, crying in panic and asking for help. According to her, he went very far into the sea and disappeared, and did not appear again, ”added the hotel employee.

All the staff, caring tourists, the police, as well as the marine search engine gathered to search for the traveler who disappeared at sea. – rescue team. However, they wasted their time. All this time, the Briton was walking on land along the main road.

“When we got to the main road, we saw that he was just standing and petting a camel on the side of the road. When our representative tried to talk to him, he scolded him and ran to the hotel,” the defendant added.

The tourist then tried to break into the gym, where the staff begged him not to do so. he was wounded. “He insulted the representative, the hotel manager, staff and other guests. He ran completely naked through the corridors, brandished his fists, smashed walls and doors,” the employees were indignant at the inappropriate behavior of the guest. In the end, they decided to evict him due to the “discomfort” that the British caused to other guests, but before that, the staff insisted on hospitalization.

The story of the Brit's crazy vacation hit TikTok, videos about him quickly became viral. Many users were stunned by the antics of this man. “He shouldn't have dived where there was a no diving sign, right?” stroking a camel on the road,” they wrote.

However, some commentators were concerned that the man’s head injury could affect his future behavior: “The head injury probably made him aggressive”, “If you a head injury, you can behave completely uncharacteristically because of it.”

For his part, the offended tourist assured that he would never return to this terrible hotel, but “I will definitely return to Alanya, to another hotel where the staff is professional and courteous.” Perhaps we are waiting for the second series of adventures of the British on vacation …

Reference: The Supreme C-Lounge in Alanya is very popular with vacationers. Its average rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars. This adults only hotel is just a few steps from the beach. Renting a room for a day in the Supreme C-Lounge costs about 8,500 rubles.

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