Tourist cooked pizza in the bathroom of the hotel room and caused outrage

Tourist cooked pizza in the bathroom of a hotel room and caused outrage

zero in the toilet of the hotel room. He personally published the video on the Youtube platform.

Cooking in hotel rooms is already part of everyday life, and guests often use things like an iron to heat their food. However, one of the daredevils took the situation to a whole new level by kneading dough and making pizza in a questionable setting. Instead of a well-equipped, clean kitchen, the tourist opted for a shared bathroom in a hotel.

A video posted online shows him measuring out flour, yeast, water, and other ingredients, placing them on a marble surface next to the sink, while the toilet bowl with the raised toilet seat is in the frame behind it. He used an empty medicine bottle as a measuring cup.

During the kneading of the dough, he reported that he added seasoning to his mixture to “hide the taste of the bath.” He then let the dough rest properly and then used the hotel's ice bucket to roll it out. The man calmly did all this right on the surface in the toilet.

Then the man took out a portable stove, which he brought with him, fried the dough on both sides and put the filling. To improve the quality and texture of the cheese, he used a burner, which he also brought back to the hotel. Finally, the flamboyant traveler laid out the dish on the table in the bathroom and declared that it was pizza. Then he put it on a plate and ate it on camera.

While the pizza admittedly ended up looking appetizing, many netizens were outraged by its impromptu cuisine. The video was viewed by more than 1.8 million people, most of whom were concerned about the man's health. “Everyone who works in hotels is sick right now”, “This is the craziest video I have ever seen in my life. Pizza cooked 60 cm from the toilet,” they wrote in response to what they saw.

Of course, this person is not the only one who has alarmed people by cooking in a hotel room using everyday items. We are talking about irons, kettles, coffee machines. Previously, tourists who showed ingenuity and their knowledge showed that by wrapping the metal side of the iron in foil and turning it upside down, you can use the device as a stove.

And another traveler and part-time chef Jago Randles from Great Britain told on his Tiktok account how he used an iron and a coffee maker to prepare dishes such as burgers, noodles, tacos and toast. For example, in the video, he demonstrated creme brulee with caramelized strawberries prepared using improvised means, steamed vegetables. Showing concern for the appliances, he said that he always uses parchment for baking.

Earlier, Turprom wrote that “A tourist cooked chicken with garlic in the coffee maker of a hotel room and caused outrage.”

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