Tourist Daria, who stripped naked at a popular resort, was sent to a mental hospital

Tourist Daria, stripped naked at a popular resort, was sent to a mental hospital

Compulsory treatment instead of prison or deportation – such a punishment, judging by the publications in the Indonesian press, awaits tourist Daria stripped naked in a temple in Bali. Apparently, the German Daria Tushchinski will not be put in jail for indecent behavior, but will be sent to receive medical treatment.

Recall that the tourist was unable to buy a ticket for a performance at the temple in Ubud. As a result, the tourist seems to have decided to “pay extra” with a striptease. At least to the amazement of the guards, she took off all her clothes and went on stage during a Hindu dance show in Bali. As a result, the “stripper” was taken out and detained by security. “Blaming the Russians” did not work out – the tourist, firstly, ended up with German citizenship, and secondly, she lived in Bali for a long time and had several nude scandals. Read the details at this link.

True, as it turned out, there are complaints against Daria not only about “obscene behavior”. Upon the return of a tourist from treatment, she is facing accusations of non-payment of bills at several hotels at once. “The foreigner is depressed because she does not have the money to pay for her stay in Bali,” said police spokesman Stephanus Satake Bayu.

At the same time, apparently, the tourist could get by with deportation. At least some sources claim that Daria was taken to a psychiatric hospital in the city of Bangli after she refused to board a flight home.

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