Tourist defiantly urinated on fellow traveler right in the cabin

Tourist defiantly urinated on fellow traveler right in the cabin

Tourists urinate anywhere not only in Spanish resorts – a fight on board a liner, an emergency landing, as well as massive viral videos on TikTok were caused by the fact that one of the tourists defiantly peed on another right on board a resort flight. The original incident occurred on board the Jet2 airline on a flight from London to Crete.

The heroes of the scandal, as it turned out, were two brothers, the British – Alfie and Kenneth. According to British tradition, they marked their departure for vacation with a considerable amount of alcohol. After that, the brothers quarreled, and the elder defiantly relieved the younger of a small need, after which he rushed into the fray. Passengers and flight attendants tried to pull them apart. As a result, the pilot requested an emergency landing on the Greek island of Corfu and asked to send the police on board.

As a result, both instigators of the fight were taken away by the police. The instigator of the fight – the youngest of the brothers – did not admit his guilt: “He relieved me of need! What should I have done? he told the police.

Tourists, as a result of the actions of the “British gentlemen”, had to get stuck on the island for three hours. Many passengers had to stay for an extra day, and the airline representative had to find a place for them in hotels.

In comments from Jet2, the behavior of tourists was called “an unacceptable stunt.” “Alfie and Kenneth Springthorpe of Sidcup displayed heinous behavior on board the aircraft, including causing damage, as well as an unacceptable level of aggression and even physical violence,” the carrier said. As a result, the brawlers were fined more than 50 thousand pounds (about 4 million in ruble equivalent). In addition, the carrier blacklisted both brothers for life.

Recall that this is not the first time scandals of this kind have been caught on video and on social networks. A little over a year ago, just before Christmas, a similar “hero” was captured in the waiting room: having unzipped his trousers, he, without getting up from his chair, begins to urinate right on the floor. Read these shocking details in the article “A tourist urinated in the airport hall in front of shocked passengers.” The reaction of the security services in this case remained unknown.

But the most high-profile story was the incident at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, where a Russian tourist relieved herself right at the airline's check-in desk, shocking passengers. Then the girl's inappropriate behavior and her alcohol intoxication were caused by a flight delay. Read the details at this link.

However, the “call of nature” still glorified one tourist – he received the “World`s Unluckiest Traveler” award. Ten years ago, the Lost Tourist of the Year was geneticist Gary Feldman, who, while traveling in Vietnam, was seriously injured in a curious way: climbing a steep cliff north of Hanoi, he decided to urinate from a height. Alas, the rock under his feet got wet and collapsed. As a result of the incident, the tourist fell from a height of nine meters and was seriously injured. Read the details at this link.

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