Tourist dies alone of sepsis in Bulgaria after family bans him from visiting

Tourist dies alone of sepsis in Bulgaria after his family forbids him to visit

British traveler dies alone of sepsis in Bulgaria during the celebration of the wedding anniversary, because the hospital administration forbade his wife to visit him.

The 32-year-old tourist and his wife went to Bulgaria to celebrate their third year of marriage together, but soon the man fell ill. And soon tragically died alone, The Sun reported. The terrible story was made public by the aunt of the deceased. She told publications about the family's nightmare and everything that has happened since her nephew got sick. “That's just terrible. He spent 10 days in intensive care to die alone, without his wife,” she complained.

On Monday, September 5, the Briton began to have abdominal pain and vomit blood. The woman called an ambulance and the doctors rushed him to the hospital and put him into an artificial coma. “It's heartbreaking. When they decided to rid him of the problem, her husband's pancreas failed, and the infection got into the bloodstream, which led to kidney failure, ”she said.

Surgeons fought for his life, and everything seemed to be getting better. However, the reality was merciless. On the eve of her husband’s death, she said that the hospital staff only let him in for one hour: “September 7 was our wedding anniversary, and I went to visit my husband in intensive care, I held his hand, read him his anniversary card and sang our wedding song . There are no words that I can use right now to describe how I feel. It's like my worst nightmare and I'll never wake up from it.”

The situation took a turn for the worse, and on Friday the Briton died alone in the hospital after internal bleeding. According to the deceased's aunt, neither she, nor his mother, nor his wife could be near him, since hospital rules state that they are only allowed to visit him for one hour each day. “He lost 30 liters of blood and died. It's terrible,” she added.

As the British wife later said, she was informed of the death only seven hours later. “When his wife visited him after his death, she said that they didn’t even wash his face. He had equipment marks on his face and his wife was cleaning him up. You hear about these crazy stories in magazines that are a nightmare and now we live it. You never think that this can happen to you,” said the Briton's aunt.

In addition, the family said they had to pay their own medical bills and accommodation, as well as pay 2.28 million rubles ($2.28 million) after Admiral's insurance company refused to help. The relatives decided to seek legal advice with a complaint of medical malpractice and said they wanted to achieve “justice” for the sake of the deceased.

Earlier this week, prior to the man's death, a spokesman for the insurance company commented: “We understand this is a difficult time for Mr. Bowman and his family and can assure them that we view this as an urgent matter. We are in regular contact with our emergency medical provider who is in contact with the medical facility in Bulgaria and Mr. Bowman's wife. He is still very ill and under medical supervision, and we are treating this case with particular urgency.
We have asked for more information to help us decide on the insurance we can provide, but in no case will the treatment, which he has been or will continue to receive is not delayed because of this. As we do this, it is important to state that we continue to monitor Mr. Bowman's situation and are in contact with the treating hospital to ensure a satisfactory level of care is provided. Whenever medically recommended, we only return clients home when it is medically safe to do so to avoid any risk of complications during transport. We will continue to update the family on progress, but we can't comment further at this stage.”

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