Tourist is furious that he was not allowed to dine at the hotel because of the shoes

Tourist is furious that he was not allowed to dine at the hotel because of his shoes

Tourist was not allowed to dinner at a hotel restaurant in the UK due to wearing open-toed shoes. The staff said that this did not comply with the dress code of the institution, which offended the man and infuriated him, writes the Dailystar.

A couple of tourists – Samantha Hyde and Samuel Beckett – decided to spend the weekend at the Lifehouse Spa and Hotel in Essex, and also dine in the restaurant there. Upon arrival, the man realized that he had left his shoes at home, and apart from his slippers, he had nothing. Samuel reported this to the hotel staff but was assured that there would be no problem. In fact, after a day at the spa, the couple was first informed that their reservation had been moved from 18:00 to 19:30, and then they were not allowed into the restaurant at all.

“I just can’t believe that with happened to us. It's monstrous. We were told that we could not dine in the restaurant due to open shoes. We were not allowed to appear in public. It was so unpleasant,” said Samantha.

Samuel was wearing designer leather slippers for 150 pounds, or almost 14,500 rubles. However, the restaurant considered this a violation of the dress code and invited the couple to dine alone in their room.

The situation offended and angered the tourists, because they planned the whole trip just for the sake of visiting the restaurant, paying 300 pounds for an overnight stay, that is almost 29'000 rubles. The hotel rejected the claim for damages, returning only part of the money spent on lunch.

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