Tourist jumps to death from Phuket airport after failing to fly home

Tourist jumped out of Phuket airport, falling to his death after failing to fly home

The tragic situation at the Phuket airport is being investigated by the Thai police and other services. An American tourist jumped out of a “smoking room” at Phuket Airport from the 3rd floor after being unable to fly home and crashed to death. As it turned out, a 35-year-old tourist named Jason was suffering from depression due to lack of money.

According to Thai media, the American jumped from a smoking area on the third floor of the airport around 15:00. The airport rescue team and medical personnel arrived at the scene to provide first aid and immediately took the man to Thalang Hospital, but the man died shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Further, the following details were revealed about the tourist: the tourist had been living in a hotel near Nai Yang Beach in the Thalang area of ​​Phuket since December 17. He visited a clinic at Phuket Airport and consulted a doctor about his depression on Tuesday, December 20th. At the same time, the tourist not only presented his treatment history to the doctor, showing him a medical certificate and the medications he took, but also stated that he was worried about his return to the United States. It turned out that the tourist did not have money for the return flight, as well as for the continuation of his stay in Thailand. The family also refused to transfer money to him.

The doctor who examined the tourist recommended that he take medication and undergo further treatment at Vachira Phuket Hospital. The medic also contacted the tourist police to find a way to send the tourist home. It further transpired that the tourist had also made the same request for help with the return to the Phuket Airport Visitor Assistance Center (TAC), while explaining to local officers that he had contacted his family, but they ignored his request. From there, the tourist was sent to “borrow money from the US Embassy in Thailand.”

The last thing the tourist said in front of witnesses was that he planned to wait “for his sister to transfer some money.” However, the outcome of the situation was tragic. Investigators say they are investigating the cause of his suicide in more detail and will contact the US Embassy in Thailand and Jason's family about transporting his body back to the US.

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