Tourist lost 412,000 rubles by putting them in a hotel safe

Tourist lost 412,000 rubles by putting them in a hotel safe

Thus, a large amount of money – in the ruble equivalent of 412,000 rubles – disappeared.

45-year-old Vivek Singhal from India told Pattaya authorities that he arrived at his hotel on October 5, The Thaiger explained. Two days later, he decided to check the electronic safe where he had previously put his savings for safety, and was horrified to find that his $6,600 had disappeared.

The man filed a complaint with the Pattaya police on Saturday, October 8. However, as noted by the newspaper, law enforcement officers initially had some doubts about the words of the victim, since the initial check showed that the safe had not been broken into. However, the Pattaya authorities said they would not leave the case and continue to check the CCTV footage to find out if any suspicious person entered the Indian traveler's hotel room.

Recall that Pattaya has acquired a bad reputation due to theft. Local thieves pay special attention to Indian tourists, as they often travel without removing their expensive antique jewelry. The most famous crimes in the Thai resort are associated with thieves, often ladyboys, who hunt for unique and expensive jewelry from Indian vacationers.

For example, in August, an amount equal to 20,000 rubles in ruble equivalent was stolen from a tourist. and other assets during the infamous Pattaya Walking Tour. At the time, a 33-year-old Indian traveler claimed he was robbed by two ladyboys after he refused their “services.”

Earlier in May, the Pattaya Police announced the creation of a special patrol force to deal with these thefts, and at the end of June, she again announced that she would fight against thefts of Indian gold necklaces. Now only time will tell what further steps the resort police will take to combat this problem.

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