Tourist Reveals How He Gets Free Lunch Using Buffet Breakfast at Hotel

Tourist has revealed a trick of how he secures himself a free lunch using the breakfast buffet at the hotel

Recently, more and more tourists are trying to save money and therefore come up with original ways to get the most out of breakfast at the hotel, using the so-called “buffet”. One of them is a famous TikTok traveler who uses a simple trick to get a free lunch of a variety of products from breakfast at the hotel.

In a recent video, he talked about taking tortillas with him on vacation and filling them with products from the hotel restaurant during the morning buffet: Moreover, I can cook it myself. I take one tortilla and add some salami and ham from the breakfast buffet to it. Then I enjoy filling it with various types of cheese, which are presented on the cheese boards. I add a piece of bacon and scrambled eggs to give it a special flavor. Then I carefully wrap the tortilla in a napkin and put it in my backpack. When it's time for lunch, I take my delicious burrito out of my backpack and enjoy a nice meal while enjoying the beautiful view.”

The video with the life hack has received over 1.4 million views, and many users expressed their admiration in the comments. “Very tasty, I like it”, “You, sir, are just a genius”, “You were able to leave the restaurant like a pro,” they noted.

Earlier, one of the former employees of the hotel and a travel lover told that in most hotels you can easily take food from the buffet to eat it later. According to the expert, guests can not worry and freely take food out of the hotel restaurant. “Actually, I’m surprised that more and more people just don’t admit to taking pastries or fruit with them. I’m sure we all do this,” the employee noted and added that most hotels have nothing against this practice, especially given the unacceptable behavior of some vacationers. “Eating a bun for brunch is hardly the same as trashing your room or jumping off your balcony into the pool” (read more at this link).

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