Tourist reveals how she avoids going to the bathroom on a plane while flying

Tourist reports how she avoids going to the toilet on an airplane while flying

Going to the toilet on an airplane is not the most pleasant experience many passengers experience they try to avoid it, because it is often quite dirty there, and therefore disgusting. A traveler and blogger named Lindsey recorded a video with tips for surviving long flights. She mentioned the use of compression socks and a moisturizing face mask, but the advice on how to avoid using the toilet on board received the most attention.

“I don’t like going to the toilet every five seconds on long flights, so I always take electrolyte packs. They help me stay hydrated without lugging around a gallon of water,” Lindsey said.

Electrolyte tablets contain extra vitamins and make drinking water easier. They also help restore fluid levels in the body by replacing substances such as salt, potassium and magnesium.

Lindsey's video has received over 5 million views. In the comments, many thanked the girl and said that they would use her advice.

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