Tourist went berserk after a passenger sitting behind her refused to let her recline her seat

Tourist went berserk after a passenger sitting behind her refused to let her recline her seat

The traveler was furious after a tall tourist sitting behind her did not allow the girl to recline the seat and took the space of other fellow travelers with his feet. She posted her story on the Reddit forum.

The two vacationers were on a short flight when the tourist decided to recline her seat and relax. However, she was scolded by a man sitting behind her. As it turned out, his height was over 2 meters, and the reclined back would have meant that she would lie right on his knees.

“After takeoff, the man in front of me reclined the back of his seat. No problem, I dropped mine, but a passenger behind me stopped me. He told me he was too big and the chair leaned back on his feet. This tourist was unusually tall and sat in the middle, so his knees occupied almost the entire space both at the aisle and at the window, ”the author said and added that the travelers who sat in the same row with him also experienced inconvenience.

As a result, the girl agreed not to lower the back of the seat, but after a short time a quarrel broke out over the choice of the man's seat. “I said, 'Yes, no problem, I won't recline my seat, but next time you should choose a different seat so as not to inconvenience five other people.' He explained that usually the flight attendants give him an aisle seat or an upgrade on the plane, but this time they could not do it, she explained. “He also said that he simply had no choice, and, in his opinion, I am selfish.”

The opinions of commentators on the forum after getting acquainted with aviation history were divided. So, some said that the traveler should not have tried to recline her chair at all. “I would never recline my seat if someone was sitting behind me. I just can't bring myself to make anyone's life worse,” said one user.

Another added: Airline seats, even economy class, work just fine if no one reclines at all, or if everyone retract at the same time. It's terrible when the person in front of you lowers the back of the chair, but you don't.'

However, there were those who took the position of the author: “Reclining or not is your right as an airline passenger.” According to them, the man chose his own comfort to the detriment of the rest. “We are all responsible for our own hardships, whether it is his fault or not that he is tall, it is his duty not to wait for five other fellow travelers to give up their comfort in favor of his comfort,” they noted.< /p>

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