Tourists are beaten, jumping on cars and breaking shop windows: a riot of teenagers has begun in the big city

Tourists are beaten, jumping on cars and smashing shop windows: a riot of teenagers has begun in a big city

Tourists in Chicago had to go through a terrible situation – a real riot of teenagers began in this big city of the USA. Teenagers “came off” to glory – they jumped on cars, smashed shop windows, even arranged shootouts. The tourists who had to be rescued by the police also got it.

According to the Yahoo news portal, cameras in the city center captured crowds of teenagers who were rowdy, turned on loud music and “turned on” each other, trying to break into the city's Millennium Park, which is closed to persons under 21 at certain hours, as well as the Art institute in the city center. As a result, some teenagers began to attack moving cars, jump up and down on them, break windows and attack people inside.

According to one of the victims, teenagers attacked and beat her husband, having previously attacked his car — teenagers jumped on it and broke the windshield. The man was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

It was necessary to calm down the brawlers and escort tourists and “civilians” through the enraged crowd with the assistance of hundreds of policemen. Moreover, special forces groups were allocated to them as reinforcements, since “against the background of the unfolding scene, skirmishes were repeatedly reported.” A 17-year-old teenager who was shot in the leg and a six-year-old boy were also among those injured.

As it turned out, the chaos turned out to be another “teenage city takeover” that was planned on social networks. Moreover, a similar scene played out in Chicago last year.

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